The Mission Tea Company

The Mission Tea Company

A World of Prayer in a Cup of Tea


Mission Tea Company is a prayer experience, using tea as a tool, to guide you in prayer, to engage all the senses in worship and meditation.

Introducing more time for prayer and meditation in a busy schedule is frustrating and difficult but Mission Tea Co. can help build a habit one cup of tea at a time.

Mission Tea Company is a tool. Vast varieties of life call for a flexible devotion.

Mission tea aims to build a habit of prayer. Prayer is crucial to a relationship with God. God will teach you to pray, the more you pray the more you try the more you will learn.

As a company, we understand how important and powerfull prayer is and is working with missionaries to include one missionary per Box to spend your month praying for. Enjoy a dive into tea culture from around the world and learn more about some of the people who are serving the Lord.

Fundraising is difficult, Add your churches missionaries to a specialized box. A portion of the boxes funds will go to your missions groups and the supporters will devote to prayer that Gods will be done.

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